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BAK Summer Reading :: Hurricane Hotel by J. K. Lawson

July 1, 2010

Berkshire Art Kitchen is proud to support local author and artist J.K. Lawson. Please stop by and pick up a signed copy.

“Hurricane Hotel is a rollicking, streetcar ride of a novel set in New Orleans, before, during, and after a Hurricane. The Spirit of Jelly Roll Morton tells a story that revolves around young Zack, who leaves his dysfunctional, rural Louisiana home, and hitch-hikes to New Orleans and there is befriended by a soiree of colorful characters: Some Guy Upstairs, a Mardi Gras bead artist; Martha, who has left the medical profession to become a Downtown Queen; the Chemical Sisters, a duo hell bent on changing the world; and others, all of whom reside at the hotel.

Hurricane Hotel is a book of voices, with each character enlightening and seducing the reader to join him or her in traversing the daily escapades that could happen only in New Orleans. With a foreword by Andre Dubus III, (author of House of Sand and Fog), and lyrics from Bob Dylan, Dr. John and many others, Hurricane Hotel is a love letter to a drowned city destined to be reborn and a must read for the young and rebellious at heart.”

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