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Psychoanalysis Changed My Life

March 20, 2009



Screening March 26th at B.A.K.

Marianne Loewe (Jayne Atkinson), a recently divorced, rather uptight college professor is undergoing analysis with the elderly Dr. Anya Zurmer, a strict Freudian. About a month into Marianne’s analysis, Dr. Zurmer suddenly chooses to abandon the rigid rules of psychoanalysis which have always guided her work. Marianne’s relationship to Dr. Zurmer then becomes totally unorthodox and baffling to her and, for a while, to us. “Psychoanalysis Changed My Life” humorously explores the path of this evolving relationship and the intriguing reasons for Dr. Zurmer’s sudden change of method – and of heart.
An award-winning short film by Marigold Films, Psychoanalysis Changed My Life, was written by Maggie Burke Snyder and Ellen Novack and adapted from National Book Award nominee Amy Bloom’s exquisite story.

Jayne Atkinson, Mary Louise Wilson, Alvin Epstein, Scott Cohen

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