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City Farmers

March 20, 2009

CITY FARMERS    A film by Meryl Joseph


Screening March 26th @ B.A.K.

Depicting one of the most successful community garden movements ever, City Farmers journeys down New York’s meanest streets where inner-city residents transform the ratty rubble of abandoned land into prolific gardens that revitalize broken neighborhoods.

City Farmers is a cornucopia of hope, fulfillment and diversity…a journey down New York City’s meanest streets where inner-city residents transform the rubble and rats of abandoned land into burgeoning vegetable and flower gardens.

In this collective narrative, the gardeners share stories about life on both sides of the garden fence; from the struggle to remove drug dealers and gangs to the success of the gardens providing food for the community, as well as empowering and educating neighborhood children.

As the gardeners tend their rows, they remember childhood days on farms down South, in Italy, or Puerto Rico, while others, who’ve known only pavement under their feet, find new directions for their futures. These gardens are sources of pride in communities that previously had none.

In their quest to find dignified and graceful solutions for the revitalization of their neighborhoods, New York’s urban crusaders are as triumphant as their seedlings – defying the broken landscape with an unconquerable spirit and an intrepid will to survive.
Propelled by composer Jack DeJohnette’s dynamic jazz score, City Farmers is an intense investigation of the urban experience.

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