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Berkshire Women in Film PotLuck & Film Screening

March 20, 2009
Jayne Atkinson in Psychoanalysis Changed My Life

Jayne Atkinson in Psychoanalysis Changed My Life

The Berkshire Art Kitchen is proud to present Berkshire Women in Film Pot-Luck and Film Screening, a mini film festival and pot-luck dinner on Thursday, March 26th at 6:00 pm.  In celebration of the 1st Annual Berkshire Festival of Women in the Arts, B.A.K.’s Berkshire Women in Film Pot-Luck and Film Screening will feature 2 documentaries by filmmaker Meryl Joseph and 2 shorts starring actor Jayne Atkinson, both residents of Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Built around the concept of enriching connections within the community, Berkshire Art Kitchen director, Gabrielle Senza has focused on creating events during the month of March that bring people together in an intimate house setting to celebrate “The Power of Women in the Arts”, the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day Conference at Simon’s Rock, and the inspiration behind the month-long County-wide festival.
Senza has created a unique venue at the Berkshire Art Kitchen in which to experience contemporary art, house concerts and film screenings, inspiring visitors to engage in lively discussions and make meaningful connections.

The evening will begin with a pot-luck dinner and a few words from Ms. Senza as she shares her connection with the women involved and her inspiration for the Berkshire Art Kitchen’s March events.  The selected short films will run 1 hour 40 minutes and include:

The films to be screened include:
Marianne Loewe (Jayne Atkinson), a recently divorced, rather uptight college professor is undergoing analysis with the elderly Dr. Anya Zurmer, a strict Freudian. About a month into Marianne’s analysis, Dr. Zurmer suddenly chooses to abandon the rigid rules of psychoanalysis which have always guided her work. Marianne’s relationship to Dr. Zurmer then becomes totally unorthodox and baffling to her and, for a while, to us. “Psychoanalysis Changed My Life” humorously explores the path of this evolving relationship and the intriguing reasons for Dr. Zurmer’s sudden change of method – and of heart.
An award-winning short film by Marigold Films, “Psychoanalysis Changed My Life” was written by Maggie Burke Snyder and Ellen Novack and adapted from National Book Award nominee Amy Bloom’s exquisite story.

Jayne Atkinson, Mary Louise Wilson, Alvin Epstein, Scott Cohen

. . . . . . .


“It is good to love yourself,” says Ivonne Mosquera, a gifted nine year-old who happens to be blind.  Ivonne narrates a year of her life in Manhattan with grace, courage, and humor in Meryl Joseph’s award-winning documentary, Into The Mainstream.  This film is a poignant look at an exceptional child who manages her disability with support from teachers, family and friends. With grace and a courageous spirit, Ivonne is a role model whose accomplishments validate mainstreaming in education.

. . . . . .

Depicting one of the most successful community garden movements ever, City Farmers journeys down New York’s meanest streets where inner-city residents transform the ratty rubble of abandoned land into prolific gardens that revitalize broken neighborhoods.   In this collective narrative, the gardeners share stories about life on both sides of the garden fence; from the struggle to remove drug dealers and gangs to the success of the gardens providing food for the community, as well as empowering and educating neighborhood children.  Propelled by composer Jack DeJohnette’s dynamic jazz score, City Farmers is an intense investigation of the urban experience.
A film by Meryl Joseph
. . . . . . .

IN PASSING (USA, 10 min.)

A critically wounded organ donor (Laila Robins – The Good Shepard, August), and a transplant patient (TONY Nominee Jayne Atkinson – Syriana, “24”) lay side by side, mid-night in a hospital room, each thinking she is alone, facing her own death, when one speaks aloud and they begin to converse, discovering that the survival of one means the death of the other.  When one passes, they help each other to follow the light, one into the afterlife, the other into the world of the living.

Starring Jayne Atkinson and Laila Robins.  Written and Directed by Courtney Williams

. . . . . . .

Suggested Donation is $14.

Proceeds from this event benefit the Red Collaborative Walk Unafraid Public Art & Awareness Project.

Guests are encouraged to bring a beverage and a favorite dish to share with all at the Berkshire Art Kitchen.
Reservation are suggested as space is limited.  Call (413)717-0031 or email: to reserve.

Special thanks to Keith Emerling for handling the screenings this month.  I couldn’t have done it without you, Keith!
The Berkshire Art Kitchen is committed to providing unique opportunities for creativity, connection and change.  Recognized as the “go to” place in Great Barrington for contemporary art, crafts, jewelry, artist’s books and music, the Berkshire Art Kitchen also offers valuable resources for individuals and businesses to connect to the greater world with one-on-one web consulting, eMarketing, social networking, professional development workshops and individualized training for artists, musicians and small business owners of all kinds.

For more information contact Gabrielle Senza, (413)717-0031 or email:
For a complete listing of Berkshire Festival of Women in the Arts events throughout the county, visit:

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